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Interactive Resources is our Speciality

TEIA has 20+ years of experience developing a wide range of educational resources to support both vocational education and school-based learning.

We were active from the earliest years of the Flexible Learning Framework, developing interactive learning materials from scratch, adding interactivity to existing ‘passive’ learning materials, and packaging the resources to suit multiple modes of delivery, including SCORM-based Learning Objects.

Early interactive learning products were developed on proprietary platforms, but these were quickly overtaken by the popularity of flash-based interactions. These have now been replaced with the interactivity of HTML5, using tools such as H5P to develop a range of interaction types that can be embedded into web pages / sites.

At the same time, the popularity of MS PowerPoint has resulted in the explosion of slideshow-based tools such as Articulate and iSpring, as well as more elaborate presentation tools such as Prezi.

TEIA has the ability to develop everything e-learning, from PDF materials through to Articulate interactive slideshows, and a range of bespoke tools to suit specific learning needs (e.g. interactive Maths course content) using both commercially available software and a range of in-house development tools.

Contact us by phone, mail or email to find out more about what we do, and what we can do for you.

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