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We work really well with other education and training providers

We already partner with a significant number of schools and other training providers to deliver vocational training.

In these partnerships, we: -

  • Provide the online course materials,

  • Provide the assessment instruments,

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant ASQA standards.

At the same time, the schools provide the instructional staff who: -

  • Conduct the lessons,

  • Conduct the assessments,

  • Submit student portfolios back to us.

The teachers must be registered as Trainers and Assessors with us, and must meet our RTO standards.

Here are the courses that TEIA offer at the moment:

  • AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture

  • BSB20120  Certificate I in Workplace Skills

  • BSB30120  Certificate III in Business

  • CHC30221  Certificate III in School Based Education Support

  • CUA20720  Certificate II in Visual Arts

  • FSK20119  Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

  • ICT20120   Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies

  • ICT30120   Certificate III in Information Technology

  • SIT30122   Certificate III in Tourism

The following courses are also on our scope but we have not offered them to schools at this stage:

  • BSB10120  Certificate I in Workplace Skills

  • CHC24015  Certificate II in Active Volunteering

If you're interested in establishing a training partnership with us as the RTO, give us a call.

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