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Privacy Policy

Download TEIA's Privacy Policy Word Document

TEIA’s Privacy Policy

Protecting Personal Information

TEIA understands the importance persons attach to personal information (such as name, address, date of birth, personal email address, etc.). We are committed to managing and protecting and the personal information participants share with us.

Through this policy TEIA seeks to ensure that you will be able to deal with this Registered Training Organization (RTO) in confidence that personal information is only used by the organization in the ways that are legal, ethical and secure.

This Privacy Policy explains the RTO’s current information handling practices.

The Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Persons using our websites and e-learning sites may do so aware that the sites do not collect information of a personal nature from such visits.

Information submitted digitally to our organization (i.e. electronic data, using an electronic form or application or by sending an email) is collected and used for the purposes that it is provided it. For example, if you request information about a course, the RTO will use the information to process your inquiry.

TEIA may also use personal information to manage our business relationships.

The RTO acknowledges individuals provide personal information to it on a voluntary basis, to assist it to provide high quality products and services to students at their request.

Staff of this organization will use individual’s contact details to assist in the administering of its products and/or school services. In this way, the RTO is able to ensure all interested persons are informed. In addition, the RTO may use information collected as above to provide or offer further services and products. Persons not wanting to receive such information may contact the RTO’s Training Administrator and request such contact be cancelled.

TEIA shall not disclose Personal Information to an external company or third party. Personal information shall not be sold to anyone and shall not be used for promotions independent of the RTO. Personal information shall be destroyed, if there is no longer any legitimate purpose in retaining such information and that the record retention periods imposed by the state and federal governments have been exceeded.

Examples of personal information the school may hold: Name, Address, Telephone Number; Date of Birth; Place of birth; Language spoken at home; Email address; Photograph; Video images; Learner results; Educational qualifications.

Web links

Persons visiting the RTO’s sites will be are able to access various other sites by clicking on links that our organization embeds within its sites. Persons should be aware that other sites are not subject to the same privacy standards and procedures.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

This information relates to the RTO’s current privacy policy and standards. The RTO may vary its privacy standards from time to time. TEIA will make public statements such as this of any changes by publishing them on its website, www.teia.edu.au .

The RTO will not separately notify individuals of any changes.


If you have any comments regarding the RTO’s privacy statement and policy please e-mail these to admin@teia.edu.au

Privacy Policy Explanations

As a respected educational and training organization, TEIA is committed to complying with the ten National Privacy Principles as set out in the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act 1988.

In complying with the Privacy Act, the following explanation has been developed detailing how the RTO shall met the minimum standards for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

1. Collection

TEIA shall only collect personal information that is necessary to carry out legitimate activities. Information shall be collected in a legal and just method and shall not, where reasonably possible, be intrusive.

If practical, personal information shall be collected from individuals.

When collecting personal information, the RTO shall take reasonable steps to inform the person about:

  • Our identity

  • The purpose of collection

  • Their rights to access Personal Information held by this organization

2. Use and Disclosure

TEIA shall only use or disclose information for the primary purpose (original reason for information being collected) it was collected. The RTO shall not use or disclose information for a secondary purpose (any other purpose than the primary purpose) unless the individual has consented to the use or disclosure.

TEIA shall provide reasonable opportunity for an individual to opt-out of any activity that shall make use of their Personal Information.

3. Data Quality

TEIA shall take all reasonable steps to make sure that personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date at the time of collection and use.

4. Data Security

TEIA shall take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is safe from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure. Information shall be destroyed or identifiers removed when it is no longer needed for either the primary or approved secondary purpose or the required retention period set by Commonwealth and State legislation.

TEIA shall take reasonable steps to ensure the security of physical files, computers, networks and communications are maintained at all times.

5. Openess

TEIA shall make available, on request, our Privacy Statement and Policy. We shall also, on request and within reason, inform an individual:

  • What type of Personal Information we collect and hold

  • For what purpose

  • How it is collected

  • How it is used and disclosed

6. Access and Correction

If requested, the RTO shall give individuals access to and correction of their personal information held by this organization. A copy of the policy and accompanying information will be available for perusal and downloading from TEIA’s website, www.teia.edu.au .

When requesting access to personal information, individuals shall:

  • Formally in writing, request to access their personal information

  • Provide two (2) acceptable forms to prove their identity

  • Advise what format they require the information

  • Provide data storage, if necessary

  • Pay any reasonable associated fees

  • Allow 15 working days for processing (i.e. 3 weeks)

TEIA may choose to charge for access to and copy of personal information. Should fees apply, they shall not be excessive, nor shall they apply to lodging a request.

7. Identifiers

TEIA shall not assume, as it own identifier of a person, an identifier that has been assigned by a Government agency or agent or a contracted service provider for a Commonwealth Contract. Note: A person’s name or ABN number is not considered to be an identifier.

8. Anonymity

Where it is legal and practical, the RTO shall make available to individuals options of not identifying themselves when entering into transactions with our organization.

9. Trans-border Data Flow

TEIA shall not transfer personal information to a foreign company or organization unless required to do so under relevant legislation and government directive and with the notification being provided to the individual concerned.

10. Sensitive and Health Information

TEIA shall not collect information that is of a sensitive nature unless prior permission has been sought from the individual and/or it is required under relevant Commonwealth and/or State legislation.

If you have any queries about the privacy and security practices for TEIA, please contact the Training Administrator.

If you believe that your personal information has not been dealt with in accordance with an information privacy principle you may make a written complaint to the RTO. Your complaint should be addressed to:  admin@teia.edu.au